Our guild, which was founded about 100 years ago and is the oldest of its kind in Germany, unites both brand-affiliated and independent workshops on a voluntary basis. We offer our member companies professional services with stable continuity and constant flexibility. Some of these offers are cheaper for member companies, others are exclusively accessible to guild members. The House of the Automotive Trade and its training center was opened in 1996 and has been regularly certified by Certqua according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 since 2003. With our comprehensive range of training and continuing education courses, we are the perfect support for your further career. The second subsidiary of the Dresden Region Motor Vehicle Guild is the business society. In our textbook store, you can obtain everything you need for your motor vehicle business, such as advertising materials, AU articles and illuminated signs. The Wirtschaftsgesellschaft is also home to our canteen, where you will find a wide range of catering options, and the associated Christophorusstube for events of all kinds - from private family celebrations to company Christmas parties.


The HAUS DES KFZ-GEWERBES Dresden is the largest automotive training center in Saxony and one of the ten largest in Germany. Since 1991, a wide range of training and further education courses have been held for the regional and national motor vehicle trade.


Can't be done is not an option! Because the Haus des Kfz-Gewerbes Dresden is the largest automotive training facility in Saxony.

A wide variety of training and continuing education courses are offered for the regional and national automotive trade. The focus is on inter-company apprentice training (ÜBL) and preparatory courses for master craftsman examinations in the automotive trade.

In 1996, a modern and pedagogically oriented training complex was built on an area of over 30,000 m². Practical and theoretical trainings take place on an area of 3,600 m² of training space. The range of services offered extends from one-day special seminars and one-week courses to multi-year advanced qualifications. A variety of courses are offered on a full- and part-time basis.

Sufficient parking spaces on the premises and an attractive residential complex with 50 single and double rooms offer participants the best training conditions. Catering for our guests is provided in our canteen. Proximity to the city center and the Great Garden right outside the door round off the overall package perfectly!

And today, around 100 years after the founding of the Dresden Region Motor Vehicle Guild, we are the national performance center for World Skills. In 2019, we trained the German participants for the World Skills Championship in our training center.

The Motor vehicle mechatronics technician

Motor vehicle mechatronics technician is a recognized training occupation under the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) and the Crafts Code (HwO). Companies can provide training in five key areas. This allows them to respond more flexibly to company circumstances and personnel resources. The five main areas of training are:

- Passenger vehicle technology
- Commercial vehicle technology
- Motorcycle technology
- System and high-voltage technology
- Car body technology

It is possible to change the selected training focus during the course of training. The training lasts 3.5 years and is divided into two training phases. The content is divided in such a way that there is a training phase before Part 1 of the final examination (1st to 18th month) and a phase after Part 2 (19th to 42nd month). The first training phase aims to teach the basics of service and maintenance work in automotive workshops. After phase one is completed, the focus lies on building up knowledge in the individual key areas.

Professional skills requirements
Motor vehicle mechatronics technicians carry out maintenance and repair work independently and as part of a team, observing the relevant regulations on environmental protection, occupational safety, health protection and quality assurance. They always act in a customer-oriented manner, obtain information, evaluate it, plan their work and document it. They diagnose and analyze electrical, electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic vehicle systems, identify faults and rectify malfunctions. In doing so, they use modern information and communication systems. They advise their customers, taking into account ecological and economic service aspects.

In accordance with its growing importance, the topic of high-voltage technology is part of all training specializations but discussed in depth within the new specialization called "Systems and High-Voltage Technology".


The arbitration board, set up by the Dresden Region Motor Trades Guild, enjoys acceptance among consumers.

Through its unbureaucratic and neutral work, the arbitration board of the guild of the motor vehicle trade in the Dresden region contributes to the out-of-court settlement of disputes between vehicle owners and motor vehicle businesses / car dealerships. These dealerships and businesses, from the used car and workshop sector, are members of the local guild of the motor vehicle trade. Additionally, the arbitration board aids in reaching settlements in towing and bodywork disputes.

When a dispute between a vehicle owner and the guild company cannot be resolved, the most convenient way for the quality- and price-conscious customer is to call the local motor vehicle arbitration office. It is, however, not possible to resolve a dispute by telephone.

Who can contact the motor vehicle arbitration board?

Any vehicle owner can turn to the motor vehicle arbitration board, provided that the motor vehicle company / dealership in question is a member of our motor vehicle guild. The vehicle owner can identify whether a company is a member of the guild of the motor vehicle trade in the Dresden region, and thus whether it is subject to the ruling of the arbitration board, by the white and blue sign displayed by each guild company with the inscription "Meisterbetrieb der Kfz-Innung".

What types of complaints are handled by the Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board?

Complaints may be:

Workshop disputes
- Work not ordered or unnecessary work carried out
- Work not carried out as required
- Work done improperly / errors not corrected
- Invoice too high / invoice not itemized

Used car disputes
- Technical defects
- Accident damages
- Incorrect total mileage
- Used car warranty